Zaineb Choukrani is a fourth-year graduate student at Ecole des Sciences de l’Information (ESI) in Rabat, Morocco.

She knows Arabic, Amazigh, English, French, and a little Spanish. Her studies so far have included library and information sciences and new technologies. This year’s studies will include information systems management, and American literature in faculty of letters inRabat. Zaineb already has accomplished much in her professional career, including organizing and participating in several cultural and scholarly activities, such as The Green BESI, which celebrated Earth Day by addressing environmental issues with her fellow ESI students; and The Great Debaters Morocco, an interschool debat competition that not only encourages debate and discusses major issues, but also is designed to improve the public speaking skills of future leaders of Morocco. Moreover, Zaineb created and administers a Facebook group calle “Bibliothécaires du MAROC = MOROCCAN Librarians,” which she created specifically for librarians, archivists, book publishers, and others to discuss ideas and provide information and resources of interest to all members. She posts many resources for her group, particularly those on new technologies related to libraries and information sciences. In addition, Zaineb has created a blog called “The Moroccan Librarian,” dedicated to the spirit of Alberto Manguel’s response to the question “What is a library?”: “The library is a sort of autobiography in which we can read ourselves and others can read us.” In brief, Zaineb is a strong proponent of the importance and necessity of libraries throughout the world, information literacy, competitive intelligence, archiving, and bringing people together with the information they need and want. In short, Zaineb is passionate about reading, libraries and new technologies.


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  1. Don Wood says:

    What an amazing career already! Bravo, Zaineb! Your modesty does not permit you to say how wonderful, interesting, and useful your posts and resources are. Nor does it allow you to point out these facts: your colleagues look up to you and await your posts in your “Bibliothécaires du MAROC = MOROCCAN Librarians” on Facebook; your professors feel that being your professor is an honor, given your participation in class, your presentations, and your events like Great Debators and Green BESI; people find your ideas refreshing and insightful (or should!). Luckily, I am too proud of you to let my own modesty prevail. And, Zaineb, I’m not only proud of you, but I am also so impressed by you, by both your mind and your heart. You have a beautiful and unique combination of reasoning and logic and caring and compassion. And you love libraries. And you love life. You are one of the most principled people I have ever met or read about. To live by your example would be to live a very full and good and wonderful life. Without a doubt in my mind, you make such a positive difference in this world. And you are going to continue to make a positive difference in this world. The world should be grateful you are here. I know I am. I am honored to be your colleague. And, Zaineb, I am blessed to be your friend.

  2. Thank you so much dear, you honored me with your touching words.

  3. Thank you for your interest in our little straw bale hotel.
    We’ll keep in touch.
    All the best to you!

    Greetings from Switzerland


  4. Thank you zaineb Choukrani,
    as soon as it will be put online in February we will come back to you.

    A happy New Year 2012 et peut-être à bientôt(?)


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